Brewed Coffee Freshness

fresh coffee

When I brew a pot of coffee, how long will it be good for?

Well in a more perfect world, each cup of brewed coffee is done individually, say with a French Press or a Pour Over method.  But reality shows lots of people brew a whole pot of coffee.


Again, perfect world says enjoy the whole pot in twenty minutes or less.  Reality says: give me a break; I want it to last all morning.


Here are the killers to freshness on a pot of coffee: exposure to the air, and long-term low-level heat.   The pots of coffee you see at the local pancake house are the worse: no wants coffee that’s been on that turner for three hours.   The best way to keep coffee it’s freshest over time is in a sealed well-insulated container.  Remember the hue green Stanley Thermos that people take hunting?  (Ease up: I don’t hunt, but my friend does).

Anyway, sealed to keep the air our and insulated to keep the heat in.  Fairly good coffee two hours later.  In most coffeehouses they still use what are know as “air pots” … they seal up the coffee and most are well insulated so the coffee is still at 170 degrees or more an hour later.  Pretty good house coffee and still able to keep waste (and costs) down.


Again the best is “made just for you” coffee, but many daily drinkers need $3 coffee, not $6 coffee.  Air pots seem to provide the value coffee that some consumers need.  Smaller air pots of sealed carafe can also be used at home or in the office.


Randy Stark

Vectors Espresso

Eugene, Oregon


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