Extracting The Perfect Coffee



Coffee is delicious!


How do you enjoy your coffee?   How is it prepared?  How is it turned into a nice beverage?


There are several ways to extract coffee from coffee beans.   The terms can be confused and it is not uncommon for some folks to disagree as to when and where a term applies.  At the risk of having people point out my mistakes, I’ll tell you how I understand the terms.


A coffee beverage can come from a variety of extraction methods.


Coffee: this term is used all over the place … from the plant to the bean to a catch all phrase for any beverage made from coffee beans.  In our shop we only use two extraction methods: brewed coffee and espresso.  If you ask for coffee at Vectors Espresso, you will be served a nice fresh cup of brewed coffee.


Brewed coffee is essentially pouring very hot water over ground coffee.  All the water-solubles mix in with the water.


Espresso is essentially infusing ground coffee with very hot water under pressure.  All the water-solubles are extracted, but coffee oils are also extracted due to the pressure.  This creates a very different substance.  I prefer espresso for a variety of reasons, but tastes differ and there are solid reasons to use other methods.


Here are some other forms of coffee extraction:  French press, cold-water extract, areopress, and pour over.  Each has it’s time and place.


Enjoy your coffee!


Randy Stark

Vectors Espresso

Eugene Oregon



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