First Person


Morning coffee … gotta have it!

For many coffee drinkers, their barista is the first human they will have contact with when they start their day.  Cool.

Yeah, cool, but also a serious responsibility.

When we hire baristas at Vectors, we look for folks that are smart enough to learn all the technical science behind good espresso.  We also look for people with a nice personality – people we want to work with and whom we think our community will like.  But in the back of my mind I also filter people through these criteria:  if this was the first person I saw and interacted with each day, would that be the start of a good day?

The first human contact has the potential to frame your whole day.  I am happily married, so my first contact each day is a hug and a kiss from someone I love and trust.  That contact tells me I am OK and that my world is fairly OK no matter what.

As baristas maybe we can impart some of those same reassurances (without the hug and kiss part!).   We strive for a clean well lit shop, clean and pleasant baristas who are awake and an authentic attitude that gently says, “I’m off to a good day and I hope the same for you.”

Other blogs have touched on authentic relationships. Again, it is important if we are the first human in your day.  No one benefits from grumbling downers or those with fake enthusiasm.  Most days I try to be genuinely happy and naturally friendly.  This is me; this is who I bring everyday.   I am also human myself, so some days are better than others … I trust that the range of emotions role models that others too can be a bit up or down in their real world.

If we are your first human of the day, then thank you for the trust you put in us.  We will do our best to honor the responsibility.  Let’s start a good day together!

Randy Stark

Vectors Espresso

Eugene, Oregon


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