Latte Art Throwdown Rules

Guidelines for Latte Art Contests …. Vectors Espresso … Eugene, Oregon


  1. This is a free-pour Latte Art Contest, not a barista contest. Only the visual appearance of your latte will be judged (not your overall barista skills). There will be no etching or after-pour manipulations (no drawing with straws, toothpicks, thermometers, etc.)
  2. This is an informal contest. Our goal is to have fun, network, and see what the local barista community can do.
  3. Latte art will be judged on four criteria – clarity, balance, creativity and overall appeal. Overall appeal will be weighted twice as much as the other three categories.   Vectors Espresso has selected judges – all efforts will be made to encourage fairness. Employees of Vectors Espresso may enter and compete, but they cannot win top prize money.
  4. During the contest, participants will get to do two pours for a score. The time limit will be five minutes within which to do the pours. Only the highest score from each participant will be counted. Scores are not carried over to the final round.
  5. Participants will use espresso and milk provided by Vectors Espresso. Our espresso comes from Cascade Estates; our milk comes from Lochmead Dairy. Only dairy milk will be used. Participant may not use any additives or modifiers to either the espresso or the milk.
  6. Pitchers and cups will be provided. Cups available will be 5oz tulip style cup, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz latte cups. Pitchers available come in the following approximate sizes: 12oz, 24oz , 34oz.   Contestants make bring their own steaming/frothing pitcher; management reserves the right to deny equipment brought from any contestant. Any cups or pitchers used by any contestant will be made available to all contestants; therefore they must be declared and approved before the contest begins.
  7. Participants will need to present their latte to the judges. This will require being lifted or slid about 12 inches to the edge of the serving counter. Overflows or messes will result in a lower score.
  8. This contest is intended for baristas from Lane County. Anyone winning prize money will need to show a Lane County food handlers card or drivers license with a Lane County address. Failure to do so will give them “bragging rights”, but no money. This is intended to keep this a “Eugene thing”.
  9. Participants will need to sign a release allowing us to use photos of them and/or their art in any manner we see fit without compensation.
  10. Any action deemed an intentional sabotage of another barista’s work or ability to do work may result in disqualification.
  11. Any person who wins top prize may not win prize money in future contests. This only applies to first place winners, and only if top prize money is more than $45.
  12. Rules are subject to change and/or modification. Decisions of management can not be appealed … your flexibility and reasonableness will be appreciated.

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