Music Information/Consent Form


For Vectors to play your music here…

  • We need a signed release authorizing us to use it in a commercial setting. The agreement is very specific to just this location. It must be original music, not your cover of a copyrighted song. Here is the link to the consent form: Limited License Vectors
  • We may choose to play some, all or none of the music.
  • For full CDs we want to support the artist with either $10 cash or a $20 coffee card good at Vectors Espresso.
  • We request contact information and some history or biographical information so we can highlight certain artists in the coffeehouse.
  • We may or may not decide to sell CDs at the shop…if we do we will make those arrangements as clear as possible.

To do a live show at Vectors…

  • Typically Friday evenings or Saturdays around 11:00 am. Plan on promoting your own show and bringing your own audience. Past shows have been successful, but only a handful of the coffeehouse regulars tend to come.
  • We have limited electrical facilities. Check it out before committing.
  • Seating can be rearranged somewhat – more so on Friday evenings than Saturday mornings when customers are in the shop.
  • Doors and pathways can never be blocked due to fire regulations. No special lighting will be allowed. No pyrotechnics will be allowed.
  • We will do our best to promote shows in the coffeehouse and through our internet sites. We expect the artist to also promote this event.
  • We have not paid artists in the past. Most do a tip jar and sell CDs.


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